Billionaire Bitcoiner Mircea Popescu Reportedly Dead by Drowning

The events occurred around 8:30 am when Popescu entered the sea to swim in the Tramonto sector, was swept away by the current, and died on the spot.

Billionaire Bitcoiner, crypto researcher, and entrepreneur Mircea Popescu is reportedly dead after drowning in Costa Rica. According to reports from Costa Rican local media outlet, CRHoy, 41-year-old Popescu was a tourist in the country and drowned in the sea at the Hermosa Beach in Puntarenas province Costa Rica.

Additional reports from Journalists revealed that the Bitcoin pioneer was found by Costa Rican Red Cross paramedics, ‘flat-lined on the beach in the early stages on June 23 but unfortunately, couldn’t save him. Initial reports claimed the late Bitcoin billionaire was ‘Polish’ before later identifying him as Mircea Popescu. According to the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) of Costa Rica, Popescu is known to be Romanian citing that he however is of Polish origin.

“The events occurred around 8:30 am when Popescu entered the sea to swim in the Tramonto sector, was swept away by the current, and died on the spot. Jacó Beach lifeguards remind tourists and bathers that Paya Hermosa is not an area for swimming,” a local media outlet stated.

Mircea Popescu spent his childhood in Cluj-Napoca and graduated from Avram Iancu University. He was an earlier Bitcoin adopter, betting on the digital coin in 2011 and later founded and operated the now-defunct stocks, bonds, and options MPEx Exchange April 2012.MPEx was described as the Bitcoin-friendly trading service ever and required 30 Bitcoin to come on board.

The late Billionaire Bitcoiner Popescu founded Polimedia, a Romanian enterprise resource planning firm, in 2007 and begun writing the Trilema blog, a blog on social and personal issues in his native Romanian language in late 2008. Popescu later switched to writing about Bitcoin in early 2012 and later that year, switched his coverage to English.

Popescu lived in several countries including United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Egypt. He sold SatoshiDice, a Bitcoin gaming site in July 2013 for a fee of over 125,000 BTC. In January 2014, the Bitcoin pioneer offered to sponsor the operating system ‘OpenBSD’, which was about to close down due to a lack of funds. Wired Magazine described Popescu’s decision and the whole process that time as a “Bitcoin Baron Keeping a Secretive Open Source OS Alive.” Popescu later revealed that he paid all the bills of the OpenBSD operating system to pay homage to its developers for their “clamped down security approach.”

The United States Securities and Exchanges Commission in March 2014 placed MPEx under investigation accusing Popescu of denied collaborating with the watchdogs of which he denied any knowledge of involvement. The Billionaire Bitcoiner later revealed that he had received a request to disclose private details of MPEx’ users and at least one security issuer from the SEC.

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