Boost – The Future of Decentralized Finance Brings New App Boost DeFi to iOS and Android Users

Creators of BoostSwap and Boost Coin, known for their clean and user-friendly exchange, are adding their exciting app, Boost DeFi, to their ecosystem. Their swap is the smoother and user-friendly version of popular exchange platforms such as UniSwap and PancakeSwap. BoostSwap is unique because it includes all the best functional components of its competitors, minus the issues that hindered them. Currently, Boost Coin is skyrocketing on the market with holders increasing to over 8,000, which reveals huge potential for the future of Boost Coin and the launch of Boost DeFi.

Boost DeFi will be available in mid-November and will be the first decentralized platform to have their own swap embedded into their app. The highly awaited free limit order feature is currently live and is designed to execute price targets so users can go about the rest of their day without having to remain glued to the computer screen. The swap automatically executes when the price drops to the targeted price point. Taxes and fees are conveniently deducted out of proceeds to ensure the transaction goes through and Boost DeFi’s user-friendly and seamless interface allows users to cancel orders easily. Educational tabs, news from major crypto outlets and more will also be available in the near future. The Boost DeFi app will also include BoostFolio, a portfolio tracking similar to Zerion, BoostTools which is comparable to DexTools, BoostFarm and BoostCharts.

Boost’s development team is no stranger to the blockchain space. They’ve been immersed in it since 2014 and have completed multiple projects with billion-dollar market capitals. Boost’s celebrity partnerships have been raving online with excitement for the new app and enthusiasm for Boost Coin as it continues to skyrocket. You can find celebrities such as The Game and Tory Lanez on Instagram and Twitter, tagging the Boost team and urging their followers to invest in Boost Coin while it’s still early. Boost already has a strong community base and has minted dozens of millionaires since the Bull Run in 2020.

Boost Coin is skyrocketing, BoostSwap is the easiest and fastest exchange available and Boost DeFi will be the app that ties the ecosystem together while bringing the latest in decentralized financial tools to the tip of your fingers. Designed for convenience and efficiency, the app is sure to meet users’ expectations and more. Boost DeFi is currently available for download for iOS and Android and will be fully functional in mid-November. Boost DeFi was downloaded over 11k times within the first 24 hours it was made available. Make sure to follow Boost across their social media platforms for updates on Boost DeFi, Boost Coin, giveaways and more.


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