ETX Capital Secures Juan Amiguet as Its New Head of Data

ETX Capital announced that it has secured Juan Amiguet as its new Head of Data, effective from July 2021.

Finance Magnates recently learned that Juan Amiguet, a software developer with a decade of experience, has been named by ETX Capital, a London-based CFDs broker, as its new Head of Data.

Amiguet brings ten years of software development experience in growing levels of complexity. He intends to use his polymath and polyglot skills and leverage his international work experience in the field of computer or data science. From numerical modelling in Octave/Matlab and R to Java server-side and mobile application (iOS, Android) he is well versed in releasing software in diverse environments.

Other recent hires by ETX Capital include risk director Nicolas Gavriel, technical analyst Alex Neale, marketing executive Kyriakos Paisanos, and Head of Research and Analysis Andrew Saks.

Reviewing Amiguet’s Vocational Background

Juan Amiguet, Head of Data at ETX Capital. Source:

Prior to the announcement, Amiguet, located in Switzerland, worked for SICPA as a Senior Software Engineer. Over the course of two years, he fulfilled the tasks required of the role, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Earlier to working for SICPA, he worked as a Data Scientist at Unit8 SA on a temporary contract.

Before SICPA, Amiguet served Geosatis SA as a Data Analyst. From November 2017, he took on the responsibilities of the role and accomplished them successfully.

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Also, Swissquote recruited him as a Technical Lead in August 2015. He conducted technical evaluation, design, implementation and integration of in house and off-shore software development in the Forex infrastructure.

At the University of Twente, he was a PhD student working in Enschede, The Netherlands. For more than five years, he propagated annotations and developed an automatic method for associating datum level meta-data to a computational result.

From December 2006 to January 2010, Amiguet was a Software Engineer at Service2Media. During these three years, he worked on end to end development of mobile applications for different platforms.

While at Empower Interactive, he was a Software Engineer for two years. Located in London, he worked on the core product development team for the new product during two releases.

Further, Amiguet served as a PhD student at Aston University in October 2003. During this time, he focused on a Biomedical engineering project, which detected fatigue and tremor states for micro-surgery applications.



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