Everything You Need to Know About Using GIBXchange

Thanks to of DeFi (decentralized finance), the middleman is completely replaced by smart contracts, and all assets are stored on the blockchain, not under any custody. Safety of assets is guaranteed and users can fully control their assets themselves.

In the case of holding assets, users can obtain income by staking through the contract addresses, this process is known as liquidity mining which will be rewarded.

DeFi is a trillion-level dollar demand market. The current user penetration rate is only less than 1%, and it has a huge blue ocean market.

Traditional DeFi has the following shortcomings: First, the product is single and fragmented. Second, the operation is complicated, and the threshold is high.

Third, the bargaining chips are taken away by large institutions, and ordinary people cannot participate in making profits. Fourth, there is no suitable consensus mechanism; no one will take your hand and teach you to participate.

GIBXchange looking to change the game

GIBXchange merges two hot areas—DEX+FX, to create the world’s first decentralized exchange, and integrates the current global investment and wealth management first choice foreign exchange with the digital asset industry with a listed value of US$1.89 trillion.

The underlying technology of DeFi decentralized smart contracts is built to achieve openness, fairness, and justice. Every step can be queried on the chain to build a genuine decentralized exchange.

DEX user instructions:

1. To start trading, the user must first go to major exchanges or the GIBXchange DEX to buy GUSDT.

2. Then go to UNISwap, SHUSHISwap, and other DeFi platforms to stake GUSDT/USDT 50%:50% to provide the liquidity required by GUSDT’s DeFi pool, and users will also get the corresponding 100% LP as the staked liquidity as the proof of income.

3. With the LP certificate obtained, users can go to GIBXchange’s DEX and stake their LP to any investment pool of their choice. The investment pools are divided into:

  1. For Foreign exchange: 30-day fixed-term, 60-day fixed-term, and 90-day fixed-term.
  2. For encrypted currency: 30-day fixed-term, 60-day fixed-term, and 90-day fixed-term.
  3. For precious metals: 30-day fixed-term, 60-day fixed-term, and 90-day fixed-term.
  4. For stock contracts: 30-day fixed-term, 60-day fixed-term, and 90-day fixed-term.
  5. For the global index: 30-day fixed-term, 60-day fixed-term, and 90-day fixed-term.

Fifteen fund pools exist in total. The more days of staking, the more rewards the user will get.

By staking LP to any investment pool in GIBXchange DEX, users can obtain the corresponding pool “sub-LP” (sub-LPs are: FE-LP, CC-LP, NM-LP, SC-LP, and GL-LP). After LP is staked, the user can get less than or equal to 0.5 “sub-LP.” Users can deposit the obtained “sub-LP” into the GIBXchange and receive static and dynamic rewards.

To seize the one and only opportunity can change our lives, and now it’s time for GIBXchange.

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