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Odin is a unique project that will offer its users many features that will bring a whole new experience for all types of traders. In order to review Odin and the advantages that underline its core features; it is best to review separate modules and their benefits separately. Here are a few reasons why Odin will dominate its competition.

The Combined Platform

Odin is a platform that is built to provide a one-stop shop for all types of traders out there. The platform will consist of several modules that will come together to provide its users with a space that will allow them to learn, showcase experience, monetize, and utilize copy trading features.

The Dedicated Environment

Odin will offer its users an environment dedicated to new and experienced traders who will take full advantage of the platform and its features. The platform will have tools for new and experienced traders to utilize.

The Incorporation of Exchanges

Odin will allow users to connect to their favourite centralized and decentralized exchanges without any hassle and employ the power of Odin with its API functionality. Some notable exchanges that work on Odin are:


Centralized:                                                   Decentralized:

OKEX                                                              PancakeSwap

Binance                                                           Uniswap

Kucoin                                                             1Inch

Bitfinex                                                            Bancor



Odin will incorporate many features that will make it a pioneer in what it hopes to accomplish; here is a complete list of features that that platform will offer:

For Traders

  • Portfolio Management – The ability to track your portfolio easily and in great detail for general and specific PNL stats.
  • Market News & Analytics – Keep track of the cryptocurrency market news and reports, find out about the general market situation or follow specific analyses for your favorite assets.
  • Social Network – Create a social profile, gain rank and reputation, follow your favorite traders, and gain followers as you demonstrate your trading skills and performance. Social networking will allow all traders to connect and share their skills, knowledge, and opinions about the market.
  • Copy Trading For CEX & DEX – Follow your favorite traders’ positions, trades, and strategies with copy trading for centralized and decentralized exchanges.
  • Education Channel – A channel that will foster different trading educational material to help new traders learn from experienced ones and get familiar with different strategies and techniques.

For Mentors

  • Public Profile – Mentors will have public profiles that showcase their skills and experience, allowing the community to pick and choose which mentors to follow.
  • Target Audience – Specify your target audience and take complete control over who you reach out to as a mentor.
  • Monetized Content – Take advantage of your skills and experience by monetizing your content. Mentors will be able to set the price for their content with complete freedom.
  • Community Group Chats – Enjoy communicating and participating in community chat groups.
  • Personal Landing Page – Mentors will have the ability to create landing pages where they will publicize their profile and give the rest of the community a way to know more about them and what they can offer.

For Algorithmic Traders

  • Hosted Environment – Host your bots with Odin; they will run continuously using your specified strategy without worrying about downtime.
  • High Availability Api’s – Pair your API keys with top centralized and decentralized exchanges.
  • No Code Needed Strategies – Build your bots using your preferred strategies without the need to code; it’s easy and efficient.
  • Pre-Built Algorithms – Use pre-built strategies that are popular and have shown success in the past.

Find out more about Odin by visiting their website.


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